Welcome to our weekly diary. Here you will find information for what's happening this week and in the near future.

General information: As we emerge from the pandemic, you are welcome to wear a mask if you so choose. We will continue to have ventilation in the building and hand sanitiser. If you feel unwell and are symptomatic for Covid, we would ask you to refrain from attending. Thanks.

Ukraine Response: A local group has been formed called Alnwick Homes for Ukraine Community. For the latest information,  please contact Michael Holliday on  

Regular events and information:

Midweek groups: Summer Break. Midweek Groups will recommence in September.

Prayer Meeting: Saturday's at 9am - The Prayer meetings are on Saturday's at Lisburn Street for an hour. If you're able to come along, you'd be most welcome.
Prayer line: Please remember that we do have a prayer line for urgent prayer requests which is looked after by Andrew and Lesley Kohler. It's important to recognise that there are folk in our church family who will bring specific requests to the prayer line but may not want that shared more publicly. We want to honour and respect these wishes. The Prayer Meeting will recommence in September.

Pastoral Team: The Pastoral Team is there for everyone in the life of the church and it may well be that you or someone you know needs practical support. If that's the case, please get in touch with our co-ordinator Rowena. We do have capacity as a team and we want to make sure that we are meeting the needs of those who need it most.

Thursdays@7 - This has also restarted at Starbucks on a Thursday evening from 7-8pm. A place to meet with people, build relationships, walk together and grab a coffee. Thursdays@7 is a safe place to bring friends to. If you'd like to know more about this, contact Caroline. Due to holidays, Thursdays@7 will recommence in September.

Mondays@7: This is a monthly guys group. There is no get together in August so we will meet again on Monday 5th September. More details from Chris Friend

This week and in the next few weeks.......

Sunday 14th August: Simeon and Anna: The Prophetic Listeners - Brian Friend.

Sunday 21st August: Paul: The Instinctive Listener - Elaine Leighton.

Sunday 28th August:  Chris Friend preaches on True Fasting: A Taster of God's Heart for Justice in Isaiah 58 which we'll consider further this autumn.

(Please note that our summer scheduling means that the next evening communion service will be on Sunday 20th September. We will next share communion during the 10:30 service on Sunday 4th September.)

(From 17th July to 28th August, we give our junior church team a well deserved break. The services are therefore a little shorter and more all age centred. Families with children are very welcome. If you feel the need, there is a separate creche facility that can be used during these services)

Later this year:

Bassenfell 2022: We have the opportunity to go to Bassenfell Manor for a church weekend from Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October, please consider whether you would like to come and pencil it into your diaries. A provisionally sign up form will be posted on the notice board in a few weeks time. Please contact Dorothy Walls if you would like more details.