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What we believe

At Alnwick Baptist Church we believe that Jesus is the Son of God who lived on earth to help us know God and His love for mankind.

The cross is not just a Christian symbol, but where Jesus died so that we can be set free from the grip of sin and so live life to the full. We believe that God raised Jesus back to life 3 days after His death so conquering death for ever!! 

Followers of Jesus are given the Holy Spirit to give them power to live for Him on earth. We also believe that Jesus will one day return to this earth to finally establish God’s kingdom of love.

We believe the bible teaches that people who become Christians are to be baptised as a sign of their new found faith. At Alnwick Baptist Church we use a large tub filled with water. The person being baptised is lowered under the water as a symbol of their death to their old life. The person is then raised out of the water as a sign of their new life as a follower of Jesus.

Those who regularly come to ABC are bound together by their love for Jesus Christ and they share a common desire to worship and serve Him. We aren't a perfect people, but we do seek to grow more like Jesus in our thoughts, words and deeds. When we make mistakes we come to God to ask for His forgiveness. Jesus promised that everyone who comes to God through Him will be forgiven, what we call being saved!

We belong to the Baptist Union of Great Britain and accept the Union’s ‘Declaration of Principle’, see

We are also a member of the Evangelical Alliance and fully accept their Basis of Faith, see











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