Alnwick Baptist Church

Sharing Jesus – words and actions

Our Vision

vision statement ABC Mission Statement

To encourage people to accept and celebrate Jesus in their lives and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to following Him.

Our foundations

We seek to live out our mission by being a community of God’s people faithful to His written Word, the Bible, and to His Living Word, Jesus Christ, led by His Spirit and persistent in prayer.

Our Vision

Relying on God’s leading and empowering, we seek to be a church that is:-

Developing Disciples – people who are devoted to Jesus and His mission. God’s mission is to restore the whole of creation, so being followers of Jesus involves every area of our lives. The greatest goal within that is helping others to become disciples of Jesus.

Building Bridges – creating access points into people’s lives through shared activities that are consistent with God’s values and Kingdom: bridges over which we can cross with the good news of the Kingdom; bridges over which people can also cross back into the life of theChristian community.

Co-operating for the Kingdom – focussed on Jesus and His Kingdom, not ABC, so working together with others where possible: local churches, people beyond the faith community who share Kingdom values, and networks beyond our local area.


Our vision leads to actions and activities, which may change with time. Currently some of our activities are:-

To Develop Disciples

Worship, teaching, prayer, the Scriptures, sharing our lives, small groups.

Encouraging one another to follow Jesus in every area of our lives, work, leisure, money, and seeing the part we play in His mission.

To Build Bridges

Service, kindness, compassion, friendship, acts of justice and liberation, healing, care for the environment, all signs of the Kingdom.

Sunday worship, Thursday nights at Costa’s, special events, Tea and Cake, our homes, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) debt counselling, Job Club.

To Co-operate for the Kingdom

‘Contagious’ Youth Project, Christians Together in Alnwick, Food Bank, Mighty Oaks Coffee Van, Messy Church, Coffee Morning.

Community Centre, Job Centre Plus (through CAP)

NBA churches, BMS partners and other Christian agencies, through giving and praying with them ‘Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’


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