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Chris and Caroline our Minister's in Training Chris and Caroline our Minister's in Training

The church is led by our pastor Rev David Archer as part of a team of Elders and Deacons.

Other elders are: Caroline Friend, Andy Kohler, Sue Layton and Ian Simpson

THe deacons ensure that the church runs smoothly and are led by Chris HInds our Church Secretary. Our other deacons are: Alastair Conn (Treasurer) Rowena King, Ian Smith and Dorothy Walls.

Together the elders and deacons are trustees for the church. Other church members provide leadership in a variety of ways, such as leading Junior Church, leading worship, prayer coordination and in administration.

Chris and Caroline Friend
are, as of September 2016, Community Ministers in Training placed at ABC. They are exploring different ways of building Christian community in Alnwick working alongside the traditional model of church.

Chris is our church secretary. His responsibilities include handling church administration and leading the Deacons.


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