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thumb jesus-is-lord-bannerA Christian is a person who believes:
•    That Jesus was the most amazing human being who ever lived
•    That He was, and is, God’s Son, God with flesh on, who shows us what God is like: a God of love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, truth, peace, justice, goodness…….
•    That He died on a cross for us, to deal with the things we’ve messed up or been messed up by, and open up for us a relationship with God as a Father who loves us more than we can ever grasp
•    That He rose again, conquered death and the powers of darkness, and gave us hope for a better, eternal future with Him, when the whole of creation will be restored to the way it was always intended to be.cross-on-wall


In the light of all that, a Christian is someone who:

•    turns round from going their own way through life
•    puts their trust in Him and hands over their life for Him to use
•    wants to be part of His mission to see more of God’s ways and values come on  earth

This is not a DIY job 

When a Christian puts their trust in Jesus, He gives them His Spirit to help them.

This is not a Lone Ranger mission 

We become part of a community of all those who follow Him, where we live, and all over the world, who care for and support each other as we try to share His love and truth with those around us.

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